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Porsche invented the hybrid back in 1900, and it's learned some tricks since then.
Uber must provide new analysis in wake of Arizona crash if it seeks to renew.
The vehicles will begin testing this year for commercial deployment in 2020.
In the hottest corner of the new vehicle market, Volvo has the goods.
The mid-size station wagon will be the centerpiece of the Volvo lineup.
DAILY VIDEO: Research finds that half of enterprises suffered insider attacks in the last 12 months; Volvo and Uber agree to provide tens of thousands of autonomous cars; North Korea-backed Lazarus Group takes aim at Android security; and there's more.
Despite recent setbacks, Uber is making another big bet on driverless technology.
First Volvo, then Lotus, now... flying cars?
It's loaded with toys and, at $70,000, seriously undercuts the opposition.