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Regardless of the dataset, just a touch cooler than last couple years.
A report has warned that ransomware, Internet of Things hacks, and industrial attacks could be almost as big a problem as natural disasters and extreme weather.
US' third-warmest year on record came with floods, fire, drought, and hurricanes.
But when will we see Google make one of its own?
Acer, Asus, and HP will include Amazon's assistant in their select 2018 devices
This is SpaceX's third classified mission, and arguably its most secretive flight.
Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier for OEMs to put Alexa in tiny devices.
The GOLD mission will launch later this month on a commercial satellite.
Itrsquo;s the heat and the humidity.
Make the most out of Alexa by using these features and skills each day.
Something like 15 percent more rain fell because wersquo;ve warmed the place.
This is also the company's 13th supply mission to the International Space Station.