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Friday, November 24, 2017
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War over Java spills into mobile privacy world Analysis  Having evidently forgotten about that Street View Wi-Fi-harvesting debacle, Google has admitted constantly collecting the whereabouts of Android devices regardless of whether or not they have loc...
A malicious courier could easily freeze the Key's Cloud Cam and roam a customer's house unmonitored.
Amazon promised to address a technique drivers could use to freeze your Cloud Cam.
Docker support + location tracking mesh = plug-in backbone for all the networked things.
A security researcher explains how WPA2 Enterprise wireless security can be bypassed and why the EAP-TLS wireless authentication protocol should be more widely deployed to help mitigate risks.
A little pop-up message goes a long way to understanding Control Center buttons.
Android never relied on WPA2 for security, so breaking it shouldn't matter much.
As expected, a quick fix comes before iOS 11.2.
Besides security patch, the Pixel 2 XL gets a "saturated" display mode, audio fix.
As researcher pleads with you not to brand bugs with a logo A security researcher has turned up new ways to silently hijack and infect Android devices via malicious Wi-Fi packets over the air.…

Mischel Kwon Unplugged

Security Pro File: Kwon talks about her tenure at DOJ and US-CERT, winning a WiFi antenna contest at DEF CON, voice lessons - and her brief stint as an industry 'float princess.'
Even the physical version requires a massive downloadable patch.