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Speed of Windows 10 Adoption Not Affected by WannaCry

WannaCry has motivated security teams to stay current on patching but Windows 10 adoption remains the same.

Clover Trail systems won’t get Windows 10 Creators Update, ever

GPU issues block new Windows versions, but security updates will be provided.

“Autumn Creators Update” was “mistranslation“; “Fall Creators Update” for all

Itrsquo;s going to be called “Fallrdquo; even when it should be “Autumnrdquo;... or “Spring.”

Windows 10 S: A Windows Enterprise in waiting?

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Surface Laptop because I wanted to spend some time using Windows 10 S.
It has been an interesting experience.
Irsquo;ve learned a great deal about Microsoftrsquo;s latest operating systemmdash;and its prospects as a tool for the enterprise.Windows 10 S is a variant of the familiar Windows 10 Pro, but locked down to work only with Windows Store applications and to prevent local scripting tools and system-level commands from running.

There is no access to cmd.exe, no PowerShell, no RegEdit, and certainly no Bash prompt, all aimed at reducing the risk of a user changing device configuration or getting around the operating systemrsquo;s restrictions. Power users may bristle at this approach, but Windows 10 S isnrsquo;t intended for them.

The locked-down nature of the OS and the initial focus on the education market is an intriguing combination, and a pointer to a possible enterprise future.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Windows 10 support could end early on some Intel systems

It all depends on what the “supported lifetimerdquo; of a system is.

Because English isn’t the same in England, Microsoft renames Fall Update...

We'd suggest simply calling it version 1709 instead.

Asus ROG GX800VH review: A ludicrous liquid-cooled $6,000-plus laptop

Overclocked i7, two GTX 1080s, 64GB RAM, Raid 0 NVMe, and a suitcase to carry it all.

Next Windows 10 update won’t include the most exciting promised feature

“Timelinerdquo; and “Pick Up Where I Left Offrdquo; will come in a later update.

Get started with the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Yesterday, I sat in a coffeeshop and installed two Linux distributions on my Windows development PC.

They werenrsquo;t virtual machines or dual-boot systems, and I didnrsquo;t have to go through the usual route of finding download pages and uncompressing installer files.
Instead, I went to the Windows Store, searched for Linux, picked the distros I wanted, and clicked Install for each. Once theyrsquo;d downloaded, all I needed to do was open a terminal window and add a username and password; I was ready to go.It was all possible because Irsquo;m running the latest preview build of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which has added new features to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
Introduced in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1609) and significantly updated in the recently released Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703), WSL is part of Microsoftrsquo;s answer to the question “How do we get developers using Windows again?”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

​Windows 10: Microsoft will now prompt you to install the Creators...

The first version of Windows 10 is at end-of-service; users will get a prompt to update now.

French authorities close Windows 10 privacy investigation

French data-protection authorities have officially closed their investigation into privacy violations by Windows 10.

The notice praises Microsoft for cutting Windows 10 data collection by half.

Microsoft partners with Token on biometric ring for logging into Windows...

Microsoft is partnering with Token, maker of a biometric ring, to give users another option to log into Windows 10 via a wearable device.