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Monday, August 21, 2017
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Windows 7 machines mostly unprotected because they're not running any antivirus, says Microsoft.
Story Remix's jawdropping 3D capabilities won't be there on day one.
Microsoft caves to demands by antivirus vendors for more time to ensure Windows 10 compatibility.
WoSign and StartCom banished from Windows 10 Microsoft's decided not to support digital certificates issued by Chinese outfits WoSign and StartCom, but the first-mentioned CA disputes the decision.…
Microsoft suggests that Windows 10 users are pleased with its changes to privacy controls.
Tech-support scammers are borrowing phishing techniques from criminals who seek online credentials.
Work continues to improve one of Windows' weaker parts.
Researchers at both conferences demonstrated workarounds and flaws in applications and services including Office 365, PowerShell, Windows 10, Active Directory and Windows BITs.
DAILY VIDEO: Hackers demonstrate voting machine vulnerabilities at DefCon; new U.S. cyber-security legislation may help reassert the Fourth Amendment; Microsoft previews phone-friendly features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update; and there's more.
Half of Windows 10 users are already on the latest build.

The rest should follow soon.
The same naming, and same schedule, are now used across Windows, Windows Server, and Office.
It doesn't appear to have been touched since Windows 7 anyway.