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No big surprises about the timing, given the companyrsquo;s new release timetable.
It should now take about half an hour during the reboot phase.
What if web apps behaved the same way native apps do? There’s been a lot of chatter recently about progressive web applications (PWAs) as companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are all working on this new, modern web application standard. Las...
Adds bug bounty class for Meltdown and Spectre attacks on Windows and Azure Microsoft has created a new class of bug bounty specifically for speculative execution bugs like January's Meltdown and Spectre processor CPU design flaws.…
Follows Skyrim VR's launch on PlayStation VR last holiday season.
New feature aims to "take the headset out of the equation for [VR] developers."
Attackers used a popular BitTorrent client to spread coin-mining malware to over 400,000 PCs in a matter of hours.
Attackers can use a protocol bug in Windows RDP to steal session authentication and take over a network domain.
Todayrsquo;s patches also include an annoying-looking remote code execution bug.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates for March include a variety of security updates for all supported Windows versions, as well as removing a compatibility check for antivirus software.

A separate release significantly expands available microcode updates...
Attackers can exploit newly discovered critical crypto bug in CredSSP via a man-in-the-middle attack and then move laterally within a victim network.
Microsoft now sees over 600,000 PCs exposed to coin-mining malware each month.