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Square Enix mostly delivers the scalable, tweakable performance that PC gamers crave.
DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft resumes issuing Windows patches to fix Meltdown and Spectre; Fortinet boosts security fabric with cloud and SD-WAN security features; Google releases Hangouts Chat as an enterprise collaboration platform; and there's more.
In a new Windows 10 preview build released today, Microsoft is adding two new privacy settings and dividing members of its Insider preview program into groups that will test alternative setup configurations.
Step 1: first, make Clang support Windows.
Apple was warned by a city official about the danger of employees walking into walls.
But PC gaming's most popular platform still has a relatively tiny VR userbase.
Microsoft dismantles government-grade malware to improve Windows and Office 365 defenses.

Mining is the new black

Last year we published a story revealing the rise of miners across the globe.

At the time we had discovered botnets earning millions of USD. We knew this was just the beginning of the story, which turned out to develop rapidly.
DAILY VIDEO: Attackers are using memcached servers to amplify DDoS attacks; Google introduces an SSL policy setting capability for load balancers; enterprises gain extra setup features in Windows 10 Build 17110; and there's more.
After a rocky start, Microsoft begins re-issuing patches that include Intel firmware patches for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws.
Just go install Intel's patch while we hunt the next CPU-level security flaw in Intel's silicon Microsoft is pushing out another round of security updates to mitigate data-leaking Spectre side-channel vulnerabilities in modern Intel x64 chips.…