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Striking evidence means the “Toba Catastrophe Theoryrdquo; is headed for the dustbin.
If the temperature is below 45˚F, your all-seasons arenrsquo;t really working.
No firm conclusions here, but the two seem connected.
Kaspersky Lab researchers uncover evidence of how the attackers who targeted the Winter Olympic Games impersonated an infamous North Korea hacking team.
Code creators worked hard to make it look like that, however A close analysis of the code that took down part of the 2018 Winter Olympics infrastructure appears to show a cunning plan to make it look as though the culprit was North Korea.…
Who framed Pyongyang, then, we wonder A close analysis of the code that took down part of the 2018 Winter Olympics computer network reveals a cunning plan to seemingly falsely pin the blame on North Korea.…
In our previous blog , we detailed our findings about the attack against the Pyeongchang 2018 WinterOlympics.

For this investigation, our analysts were provided with administrative access to one of the affected servers located in a hotel based in Pyeongchang county, South Korea.
In addition, we collected all available evidence from various private and public sources and worked with several companies on investigating the CC infrastructure associated with the attackers.
The turbines withstood some serious gusts.
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IP addresses, malware techniques used to make PyeongChang network were struck by Kim regime.
The 2018 Winter Olympics have kicked off, and already records have been set as captivated audiences across the world watch.But behind the spectacle of the opening ceremony and the awe-inspiring performances of the athletes, there’s a robust IT infra...
We contend with limited sports, delays to watch some of the prettiest Olympics action yet.