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Use of DNS Tunneling for C&C Communications

Often, virus writers don't even bother to run encryption or mask their communications. However, you do get the occasional off-the-wall approaches that don't fall into either of the categories.

Take, for instance, the case of a Trojan that Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered in mid-March and which establishes a DNS tunnel for communication with the C&C server.

Mysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT devices

The Dark Knight of malware's purpose remains unknown Hajime – the "vigilante" IoT worm that blocks rival botnets – has built up a compromised network of 300,000 malware-compromised devices, according to new figures from Kaspersky Lab.…

Stuxnet LNK Exploits Still Widely Circulated

Endpoints are still encountering exploits for the LNK vulnerability, one of the principal infection mechanisms used by the Stuxnet worm.

Windows bug used to spread Stuxnet remains world’s most exploited

Code-execution flaw is triggered by plugging a booby-trapped USB into vulnerable PCs.

Concern growing for brain-invading worms, spread by slugs and rats

Rat lungworm has been around for decades, but uptick has health officials worried.

Microsoft Friday false positive: Bluber-A ballsup makes sysadmins blub

Benign and fine but alarms do double-time Enterprises were faced with all sorts of inconvenience on Friday after a Microsoft security tool incorrectly flagged up benign files as infected with a worm.…

Macro Malware, Aging Worms Continue to Pose Threat to Present Day

Macro malware, which is so 1990s, has made a comeback, joining other aging cyber-threats, such as PHP scripts and the Microsoft Slammer worm continue to top some favorite attack tools lists.

After NSA hacking exposé, CIA staffers asked where Equation Group went...

CIA hackers wasted no time analyzing the blunders made by their NSA counterparts.

From Shamoon to StoneDrill

Beginning in November 2016, Kaspersky Lab observed a new wave of wiper attacks directed at multiple targets in the Middle East.

The malware used in the new attacks was a variant of the infamous Shamoon worm that targeted Saudi Aramco and Rasgas back in 2012.

Speaking in Tech: A chat with Web 2.0 MySpace worm dude...

Gang discuss PoisonTap, SHA-1 and get a how-to on hacking

Could worms be behind a mysterious outbreak of a seizure disorder...

The data isn’t conclusive, but researchers find brain-attacking antibodies.