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A new ransomware outbreak similar to WCry is shutting down computers...

Like earlier ransomware worm, PetyaWrap attacks use potent exploit stolen from the NSA.

How to Protect Against WannaCry Worm That’s Still Wreaking Havoc

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite the fact that the WannaCry worm should be relatively easy to prevent, it's still attacking companies around the world. Here are some things you can do.

Medical records join revenge porn, credit card numbers for Google removal

Itrsquo;s an elective removal, though.

Google will only do it if you ask.

“The enemy is real,” and the new Game of Thrones trailer...

Is it wrong that all I really care about this point are dragons?

5 weeks after Wcry outbreak, NSA-derived worm shuts down a Honda...

Automaker briefly stops making cars to contain worm that first struck in May.

Win XP patched to avert new outbreaks spawned by NSA-leaking Shadow...

Company warns of “destructive cyberattacksrdquo; as it tries to prevent another WCry.

When flatworms go to space, they grow two heads

It sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but thatrsquo;s just how space flatworms roll.

Crapness of WannaCrypt coding offers hope for ransomware victims

Still struggling? Your files might be recoverable after all Mistakes in the WannaCrypt ransomware worm might allow files to be restored after infection.…

Windows XP crashed too much to spread WannaCrypt

What a time to be alive: the BSOD has become a useful feature Yes, WannaCrypt can infect all those machines that still run Windows XP, but because XP is so flaky the zombie boxen are unlikely to have contributed much to the spread of the worm.…

New Shadow Brokers 0-day subscription forces high-risk gamble on whitehats

Mysterious group with cache of NSA exploits promises new release to those who pay.

Threatpost News Wrap, May 26, 2017

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook recap the news of the week, including the EternalRocks worm, the latest on WannaCry, a subtitle hack, and a Twitter flaw.