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Existing owners can pay for updated content; no word on PC version yet.
If yoursquo;re serious about GT Sport, you ought to check this wheel out.
Xbox One players left out of PS4/PC/mobile cross-platform play.
Phil Spencer sees “opportunity and responsibility to make gaming for everyone.”
Trying to describe HDR on non-HDR screens is a pain. One geeky analyst figured it out.
Announcement comes after the rollout was delayed at the end of 2017.
This is about the age when Sony systems start their long, slow decline.
Plus deals on the Xbox One X, Essential Phone, Netgear Orbi, and more.
Plus deals on Logitech gear, lots of 4K TVs, Essential Phone, and more.
Another way for users to access Fitbitrsquo;s paid workout content.
Plus deals on the Xbox One S, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and more.
A totally unscientific survey reveals the wisdom (?) of the crowd.