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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Rant: Loot boxes are just the beginning of EA's worst-ever dive into pay-to-win.
Today, you can spell out “two hundred and eightyrdquo; and STILL have room to say other stuff.
After years of decline, Microsoft plans to invest in first-party game development.
This companion to our full review breaks down more One X surprises, both good and bad.
USB headset support? The return of game shows like 1 Vs. 100? We had to ask.
Is Microsoft’s “true 4K” console worth $100 more than the PS4 Pro?
PUBG fans, aim your looted 4x scopes at this December.
You might call it an "unboxing," but that's not a good pun.
Robbing the Xbox of its eyes and ears makes it a lesser platform.
Original plans called for 360 hardware “sockrdquo; inside the new console at launch.
Better incredibly late than never; will include Xbox One X functionality.
The new system software also lets you prepare to upgrade to Xbox One X.