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Intruder of Yahoo, Microsoft and NYT was best known for reporting Manning leaks.
Judge Koh trims class-action complaint, but suit will proceed The remains of Yahoo! will be forced to defend the class action complaint filed by customers whose data was exposed in the 2014 megahack.…
Verizon, which now owns the web giant, sought to dismiss the case.
Investors alleged that Yahoo intentionally misled them about its cybersecurity practices.
BlackBerry continues shift to patent litigation with Facebook lawsuit.
'Pon their Oath, they're not having this Should a court-appointed lawyer be allowed to rifle through your email account after you die? The artist formerly known as Yahoo! has asked the US Supreme Court to answer that question for users in the United St...
If you watched DS9 and lived on the Internet in the ‘90s, you likely read Tim Lynch.
One of the most fundamental choices to make when developing an application is whether to use a SQL or NoSQL database to store the data.

Conventional SQL (i.e. relational) databases are the product of decades of technology evolution, good practice, a...
Just because your small or medium-sized business isn't as well known as Equifax or Yahoo doesn't mean you're immune to becoming a cybercrime victim.
Users can check their Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook emails in the Gmail app.
Karim Baratov pleads guilty to ransacking web accounts for 'mystery' paymasters A Canadian hacker for hire has admitted ransacking webmail accounts for miscreants accused of orchestrating the Yahoo! megahack that hit all three billion Purple Palace use...