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The dramatic details of Steve Jobs’ life are playing out in...

A time-hopping stage production about some of Jobs' seminal life moments.

Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits “video optimization”

Verizon claims mobile video experience not affected; some customers disagree.

Mario Kart director philosophical about need for the blue shell

"You know, sometimes life isn't fair."

RCR: Underground changes soundtrack to avoid “false” DMCA takedown [Updated]

"Being legally right is only half the story," developer says of "wrongful claim."

New Netflix film Okja is sci-fi satire so sharp it will...

Bong Joon Ho is back with a dark, futuristic fairy tale about GMO pigs and corporate insanity.

Judge tells Shkreli to shut it after secret tweets and trash...

Prosecution accuses ex-CEO of turning trial into circus to taint jury.

Germany passes law with huge fines for Internet companies that don’t...

German legislators want hate speech removed within 24 hours.

In attempt to achieve YouTube stardom, woman accidentally kills her boyfriend

According to Pedro Ruiz' aunt, her late nephew told her: "We want to get famous."

YouTube’s “VR180” format cuts down on VR video’s prohibitive requirements

VR in only 180 degrees is easier to stream and fits traditional video content better.

Echo Show Ships on Wednesday, Buy 2 and Get a $100...

The newly-announced Echo Show is available for pre-order in black or white and the shipping date is finally right around the corner: Wednesday, June 28.
If you're interested, there are two things you need to know. Right now if you buy two of them and enter the code SHOW2PACKnbsp;at checkout, you'll activate a $100 discount.
So you'll get two new Echo Shows for the price of two standard Echos.

Go in on this deal with a friend, or buy a few for yourself (they work very well in multiple rooms).

The other thing you should know is that by selecting Prime 2-day shipping, Amazon will actually have the Echo Show on your doorstep the very day it's released.

Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things.

Amazon has announced an integration with some of the big names in wireless security cams, so you can simply say "Alexa, show me the front door camera".

Echo Show should make a good kitchen assistant as well -- just ask for a recipe. You can watch news briefings, YouTube videos, ask for a weather forecast, video chat with family and friends (if they have Echos as well), see music lyrics, photos, to-do and shopping lists, and more.  All hands-freemdash;just ask. New skills and features are added all the time.  See this deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

So far, Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype looks like No...

Creative director gets spaceship over 20,000 kmh but never lands the thing. Hmm.

Google now actively works against extremist YouTube videos

New policies make it harder for terroristic content to flourish (and be found) on YouTube.