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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Image from mobile AC-130 Gunship Simulator apparently came from a YouTube trailer.
Poor driving and awful writing donrsquo;t justify a tremendous loot-drop grind.
A new age-restriction policy should keep these videos away from young viewers.
Google, Facebook, and Twitter reveal how Russian agents reached millions of US voters before the 2016 election.
Disclosure of even bigger numbers comes ahead of Tuesday testimony on Capitol Hill.
Lawsuit claims "restricted mode filtering" violates free speech rights.
This could explain why Google pulled YouTube from Amazonrsquo;s touchscreen speaker.
New experiments reveal a complex link between crow play and tool use.
Only to be mysteriously restored hours later The YouTube account of the researcher behind the KRACK WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability was restored early on Thursday hours after it was shut down for violating "community guidelines".…
DAILY VIDEO: North Korea is escalating cyber-attacks with little fear of retaliation; Russians reportedly also abused YouTube and Pokemon Go in the 2016 election; Taiwan fines Qualcomm $773 million for practices that hamper competition; and there's more.
DAILY VIDEO: Israel allegedly breaches Kaspersky Lab to reveal Russian hackers; a YouTube channel is shut down over Russian-sponsored election propaganda; Workday announces self-service analytics and data as a service; and there's more.
Meanwhile, Facebook has begun overhauling how it handles political ads on its platform and plans changes before the U.S. midterm elections next year.